Music Promo Photography

Music Promo Photography by Simon J. Newbury Photography. We have been working with bands of various sizes for years. Whether you are a singer/ songwriter, an unsigned band or a touring band we can produce eye-catching images for publicity, press and merchandise. We have produced photography that has appeared as a full page poster in Kerrang! as well as regular appearances in the local press and online. Our photographs appear on countless album and EPs and we offer photography for gig posters, album artwork or just professional band photography for your online presence. We offer studio style or location band photography.

[blockquote]I don’t know what Simon was expecting when he agreed to do a Sonic State photo shoot, especially when I told him we would be bringing 3 costume changes and our huge colourful personalities along with us! We weren’t sure how he would take us or even whether he’d have the patience to put up with our banter, and we were worried that he may try and mould us into something that we weren’t, as we are very particular about how we look. To us, rock n roll is as much about the image as it is the music. But after just a few minutes with Simon we were put at ease and we felt like we could be ourselves throughout the whole shoot and we had every confidence in him that he would create great shots and be sympathetic to what we wanted. The photos speak for themselves. You can tell by looking at them that we felt at ease, trusted Simon, liked him and the way he worked with us, and we had a great time. We are absolutely over the moon with how the photos have come out. The colours are amazing! His attention to detail is obvious, every single accessory, tattoo or flick of eyeliner is there for all to see. Fantastic work Simon, thank you very much for giving us the time, patience and belief to create amazing photos which we will be using for a long time.

Jenny Zacharek (Sonic State) [/blockquote]

We had a very specific idea of the kind of shoot we wanted and Simon was able to help us realise it with the minimum of fuss and maximum professionalism. Will be using him again, thanks a lot!

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