Wedding Photography: Wrenbury Hall – Jo & Hugh

Wedding Photography Clients: Jo & Hugh
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Weaver Church, Winsford
Wedding Reception Venue: Wrenbury Hall, Wrenbury, Cheshire
Wedding Photography: Simon J. Newbury, Tina Newbury
Wedding Book Design: Tina Newbury

 Wedding Photography: Wrenbury Hall | Jo & Hugh

We had the very great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Jo & Hugh. The day started with bridal preparations in Winsford at Jo’s parents home before heading along to the Weaver Church for the ceremony. The little church was full to capacity to witness a wonderful ceremony conducted in part by Hugh’s uncle an Irish Catholic Priest. The service also had some extra personal touches with Jo’s relative playing the church organ as well as some wonderful singing from Jo’s friends!

Music Photography: The Doors Alive

Music Photography: The Doors Alive
Venue: The Box, Crewe. DeBees, Winsford
Photographer: Tina Newbury (The Box), Simon J. Newbury (DeBees)

 Music Photography: The Doors Alive

The Doors Alive recently made their debut at The Box in Crewe. Tina went along to photograph the tribute band. It represented the second time that Simon J. Newbury Photography has photographed the band. Back in 2007 we photographed them at DeBees in Winsford. As memory serves this was their first gig with their singer (an absolute dead ringer for Jim Morrison). The Box gig was well attended and below is one of Simon’s photos from back in 2007 followed by some of Tina’s photos from The Box, Crewe!